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It’s like I’ve walked through a doorway & the door to that doorway until now has been locked

Some call it a revelation or a realisation but I’d like to think it’s the process of liberation

To acknowledge & see something more clearly inside & now to freely explore that which I tried to hide

A feeling, an emotion that caused so much commotion now like the endless horizon of a peaceful ocean

Oh what a relief, to heal from expressing grief, the art of letting go like the falling of a leaf.

Stephen is also a mentor for young Aboriginal men with the Dardi Munwurro “Strong Spirit” organisation, which was established in 2000 to provide leadership training programs and personalised coaching. Dardi Munwurro programs are designed to assist Indigenous men in identifying their emotions and personal strengths, and in doing so, discover their own leadership potential and develop a vision for their future.

“I am on a personal journey which all connects back to my land through culture and food.”

Stephen Thorpe Jnr